How Long Does It Take to Sell A Business? Get Insights from Portland, OR Business Brokers

Portland Business Brokers Provide The Right Solutions to a sure Business Sale.

Selling a business is just like selling any tangible product. You need to make your product attractive to get the attention of prospective buyers. In selling a business, you need to prepare the necessary documents to go with it. How well you prepare your business affects the type of deal you obtain and the length of time you are able to sell.

Pricing and terms in correlation with the conditions set for the buyer to enter an easy deal are also part of the whole process. If you would consider eliminating the impediments to make your business more appealing to the right buyers and ease out the path, you could sell and close the deal fast.

The Process of Selling a Business

The initial meeting between you and your Portland, Oregon business brokers would be a “get-to -know -each -other” kind of stuff. You exchange pleasantries, discuss your current business and your business plans, and then start laying out the selling strategy.

The second stage involves more plans, research, and valuation. This step alone may take up much of your time. It could be for a minimum of a few weeks to several years. It is the stage where your Portland business brokers will do some research, study the market analyze your business, and will advise you on what you can do to put additional value in to your business.After your business broker presents everything to you, you are now ready to decide when you want to sell.

The third stage is marketing your business in a structured package. This is to diminish the time and enhance the outcome. Your Portland business brokers would be preparing the promotional ads, create a prospective buyer’s list, aggressively offer your business to the prospective buyers in the prepared list, meet up with prospective buyers, conduct an auction to whet buyers’ to pit against each other.

The fourth stage is due diligence. This is the crucial phrase where time seems to stand still. Buyers get to scrutinize the businesses and this is where most deals disintegrate.

The fifth stage is the final negotiation along with the final documentation and deal structuring.
The sales process is a well-structured and clear-cut progression but like all else it is far from perfect as it has inconsistencies and complexities. The duration of the whole sales process lasts for a minimum of one month to as long as 9-12 months.

The following factors may affect the duration of the whole process:

  • The amount of time you spend in the second stage, building up value to your business and deciding when you are ready to sell
  • The level from which to create your business transparency
  • The level from which the buyer and your business are respectable to fit for each other.

It is advisable to consult your Portland, OR business brokers for the best solution to your specific needs.